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TGBC Monthly Challenge – #bpcheck21

Seems a bit silly to say out loud but I’ve never been keen on going to see the doctor. I’m an Australian male and therefore tough, resilient and a “good ol’ common sense” mostly sees me right. I feel ok today so that must mean everything's great - right?

As has been said elsewhere; Tough Guy Book Club is for the thinking tough guy. It’s like a fight club for your mind. It’s more than just a book club.

The club sets a monthly challenge to help guys help themselves. To help us be better men, good citizens, reliable friends, and to be smarter about who we are. Among these challenges might be; getting in touch with someone you haven't seen in a while, getting a photo of yourself reading a book outside on a nice day, creating something with your hands or donating blood.

February 2021 the challenge was getting your Blood Pressure checked. #BPCheck

It’s no secret or surprise that in the mix of life’s priorities, a lot of men can neglect their physical health. Heart and Kidney failure, heart disease and stroke are all bad news. A blood pressure check is one way of understanding your risk.

Be smart - understand where you’re at. How do I get smart? Hang with some smart guys. TGBC has some of the smartest guys I’ve known.

The Goon posted their BP results: good and bad. They posted photos of themselves getting tested. They commented on what it meant; “work to do”, “pretty happy with that” and “not bad, considering..” The Goon set an example to the rest of us. Peer pressure - sometimes a good thing. If other guys are getting the BP checked - why aren’t you?

My result: 128/84

The first number is the pressure in the arteries as the heart pumps out blood during each beat. This is systolic blood pressure. The second number indicates the pressure as the heart relaxes before the next beat. This is diastolic blood pressure.

What’s it mean? I am: at the higher end of normal but within the acceptable range for my age and weight. I have to: keep doing the healthy things I already do. Not do too much of the really unhealthy things I do. And perhaps most importantly, get in the habit of a regular #BPCheck. With my reading, at the moment, every 6 months should be ok.

So what? Make this a regular thing - understand if there’s a trend and what that means. Understand what choices you need to make and if changes might be necessary.

Think about what you like to do and how much you’d enjoy being able to keep doing it. Make certain of it by looking after yourself.

More than just a book club. Like a fight club for your mind. Keep your mind sharp through TGBC. Keep yourself alive by using your mind in sharp ways.

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