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About Us

Some goons in a pub

Tough Guy Book Club is a network of men’s book clubs in local pubs.

We’re about reading books, hitting the pub with the goons, and rowdy conversations.
Our club is about putting real decent conversations back in the pub.

For too long the pokie machine, the cover band, and sports on the tv have left the men in our pubs a bunch of boring pricks with nothing to say.
It’s time to change that, let’s put heavy duty discussion back on the table at the pub.

“How the hell is reading, you know, picking up a book and learning new shit, become something that’s considered the opposite to toughness. I can assure you there is nothing tough about knowing less than the next guy. That’s why ignorance is considered a weakness”. – Shay Leighton

Here's a bunch of questions people ask a lot. (aka Frequently Asked Questions)

Where did Tough Guy Book Club start?

The beer drenched steets of Collingwood, Melbourne, AUS

How do I join TGBC?

You just turn up. Read the book before hand or not, doesn’t really matter, we’re not your boss.

How do I find my local Chapter of Tough Guy Book Club?

You look on the Find Us page of this site, or you head to our Facebook page hit events:

When is the next Tough Guy Book Club?

All of our Chapter meet at 7pm on the first Wednesday of the month.