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The Sisters Brothers - Patrick DeWitt (2011)

I read this book some time ago
And was glad to read again
The first person views
Of gruesome tales
From a tough guy
Who needs a friend.

The Journey these brothers take
Is violence filled and cruel
With alcohol and jealousy
Our friend’s moral rift
Is fuelled

The life he found
Takes its toll
His questioning in vain
The domineering Sisters
Bleeding every vein

Will our brother find his way?
Will he find his peace?
Or will the choices of his life
Send him to the Beast?

Sam Stops (Hobart Chapter)

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The Son of Man - Jean-Baptiste Del Amo (2021)

June 05, 2024

Stanley Kubrik was a filmmaker who knew a thing or two about man’s predilection for a bit of the ultraviolence. His sci-fi epic “2001: A Space Odyssey” begins with a tribe of hominid apes in the veld being driven away from its water hole by...

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The Promise - Damon Galgut (2022)

May 01, 2024

 The Promise by David Galgut promises a lot to the reader. Critically acclaimed, man booker prized winning and very ambitious in scope. It’s a family drama set against the back drop of South Africa’s churning history over decades. 

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