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Black Tide – Peter Temple (2005)

Black Tide is the second book of a series of four by Miles Franklin Award winner, Peter Temple. These books are about Jack Irish, a suburban Melbourne solicitor, who is recovering from the murder of his wife by an ex-client, by doing some basic legal work, recovering debts and tracing people, who usually want to stay hidden.

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The descriptions of Melbourne life have a genuineness, whether it's his regular pub, with its rich Fitzroy Football Club history and followers, struggling with the Club's move to Brisbane, or the workshop, where he is working as an apprentice cabinet maker, or the racetrack where he is always accompanied by an ex-jockey and racehorse owner who is always working on his next scheme.

The primary story of this book is his attempt to find the son of a friend of his father's. This search keeps unravelling layers of corporate greed, police corruption and a series of murdered contacts, making the reader, and the character, to wonder if he is in over his head.

The story flowed, the characters were believable and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

After reading this I decided that I should spend more time sharpening my planes and chisels, and oiling the handles with linseed oil.

Mark Stephenson (Cygnet Chapter)

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