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Black Tide – Peter Temple (2005)

This month we're reading Black Tide by Peter Temple.
Grab a copy and join us in March!

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Open Water - Caleb Azumah Nelson (2021)

October 04, 2023

Open Water is an ambitious and at times confronting novel that contrasts a modern story of young love against a broader social commentary on racial prejudice and masculinity. The book is deeply lyrical, with poetic passages and refrains that echo the book's soundtrack of...

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Steppenwolf - Hermann Hesse (1927)

September 06, 2023

Steppenwolf takes us on a profound exploration of the human psyche, offering a lens through which we can examine the inner struggles faced by men in the modern age. While Hesse's literary craftsmanship is undeniable, the book can be quite a heavy read, as...

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