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TGBC Monthly Challenge - #SpreadTheWord

We reckon we’ve got a pretty bloody good thing going at Tough Guy Book Club. A bunch of goons getting together every month at the pub to catch up with some rowdy conversation and discuss the month’s book, what could be better?

Do you think we keep that shit to ourselves? Heck no, we are stronger in numbers, and we want more good dudes to join in and share the experience. Our first two rules are great* and do not prevent us from talking about book club!

So how do we let potential members know about us? Well, posters are up in pub toilets and libraries, you may have seen an ad on social media, and in August of 2021 we took to the streets to spread the word visually.

Each month TGBC issues a challenge to all members, this time it was #SpreadTheWord. The aim was to get the Tough Guy Book Club logo in the coolest, most unique places possible – with a pic posted online for proof. To mix it up a bit, and to fight the boredom of everything getting cancelled by lockdowns, this challenge was a competition - the winner judged by an esteemed panel (the other crazy goons who entered).

In true TGBC style, everyone got creative. There are now stickers with our logo travelling all over the country on vehicles of every type including: cars, campers, bicycles, utes, and motorcycle helmets. Unsurprisingly books featured heavily in the distribution, with branded bookmarks slipped between pages of library returns, books with stamped logos left in the wild for discovery, and most of the street libraries in existence slapped with a skull candle sticker. Statues bear our brand, bridges and phone booths are adorned, and there is even an underwater logo somewhere off the coast. The overwhelming winner of the competition used ingenuity and preparation to take home the metaphorical chocolates. Sneaking into the craft beer section of his local bottle shop, and armed with resized logo cards, Brendan Ilett from the Geelong chapter (now Bright) left a message for the unsuspecting purchasers of some random 6 packs with a hidden surprise under the can holder. When asked about his inspiration Brendan said, “I thought it was sort of like a Willy Wonka golden ticket, how cool would it be if you found [the logo] and then came along to book club and loved it!”

Luckily, no one suffered the embarrassment of being disqualified by the only condition of the competition; don’t get yourself or anyone else killed or maimed doing the challenge. It was clear from the photo evidence that most goons enjoyed the challenge, and it is fantastic to see our logo, and word of Tough Guy Book Club, out across the world. It doesn’t need to stop there. If you know a man who likes books, enjoys decent conversation, or just needs a chat in the pub; send him our way! Tell him about Tough Guy Book Club and help us #SpreadTheWord.

*Don’t talk about work, and 100% don’t be a fuckhead.

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