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TGBC Monthly Challange - #NewGoon

As 2021 came to a close, we had our last TGBC meeting, and our last challenge of the year. It’s no secret that December and January are big recruiting drives for us. These are the months where a lot of guys who aren’t yet involved in the club decide they want to read more. So naturally, we try to get them into the club through our regular #newgoon monthly challenge.

The rules of the #newgoon challenge are simple: find a man you’re at least somewhat acquainted with who you think would enjoy book club, and bring him to book club. With your friend successfully at book club, have a beer and make new friends with the other new guys who have been brought to your chapter.

The last meeting of the year is always a good one. We take a break in January so, for a lot of Goons, it’s the last you’ll see of them for a little while. The December meeting tends to go a little longer and be a little boozier than other meetings and, with new friends to be had, a few guys usually stay back after the meeting and get to know each other until pub staff ask them to go home (although this behaviour isn’t exclusive to December).

And that’s the fun of #newgoon: it essentially doubles the greatness that is book club. Tough Guy Book Club regulars will know that while the central theme of book club is reading and talking about books, that’s not really the central point of book club. The point of book club is to get together with other men in the pub and have a chat. The book simply facilitates that chat.

And regulars will also know that they’re always encouraging their mates to come along, but sometimes get protests like “I don’t have time,” “I’m not a big reader,” or “that doesn’t sound fun.” Until that new guy comes and sees what we’re really about. Then, usually, they’re hooked and they’re the Goon bringing a mate next year.

To all the Goons, both new and veteran, thanks for making 2021 another great year of book club. Without our fellow Goons, many of us would be sitting in a pub drunkenly talking to ourselves about books. See you all in February.

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