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Goon Profile - Thomas Giles

Thomas Giles

Gold Coast Chapter - President

Who are you:
I’m 36 and still don't know for sure. Son, Brother, Father, Punk Rock Warlord. Protector of the principles of science and logic. Cricket tragic and closet Pyromaniac.

How long have you been with TGBC:
6 years

How did you end up coming to TGBC:
Lifelong friend and Footscray chapter president James Barry spoke of the glorious times had at TGBC. A wonderful evening spent with Shay and James at Bar Josephine's 2 years ago made it an easy choice. I have cursed James’s name many times for bringing me to this club and forcing me to be a better person. Life is better with the TGBC.

What’s your favourite TGBC book?
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Why are you a member of TGBC:
It is in the blood now, and the skin. Evolution and growth of the mind and soul.

What book have we not read yet that you’d like to do at TGBC:
South by Ernest Shackleton - the greatest adventure I have ever read about. Whenever I am in a tough spot I think it has to be better than rowing across the southern ocean in a 4 metre tinnie.

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