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Goon Profile - Jack Kennedy


Jack Kennedy


Hamilton, Vic

Who are you?

I'm a young father, learning husband, footballer, dog-lover, book reader (and listener), runner, beer enjoyer, CFA and SES member, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu white belt, vinyl collector, gamer, hobby-tryer, socialiser, committee joiner, bird-watcher, DIY-fixer and most importantly (obviously) President of the Hamilton, Victoria chapter of TGBC. I come from a small country town called Dunkeld and still live there. I don't really know who I am, but geez I'm busy.

How long have you been with TGBC? First Book?

I have been with book club for 3 years now. The first book I read with book club was High Fidelity. Luckily for me it was during lock-down, so I was able to join another chapter’s zoom. When I started a chapter in Hamilton, the first book we read was Fahrenheit 451.

How did you end up coming to TGBC?

I initially saw a flyer in a second-hand bookstore. Then maybe a year later I came across a link to start my own chapter on Seek Volunteer. Now they are stuck with me.

What is your favourite TGBC book?

Off the top of my head my favourite TGBC to read was The Martian by Andy Weir. For a book club discussion however, it's always the ones I hate to read that I love to talk to people about.

Why are you a member of TGBC?

The group of fellas that turn up to book-club is like no other. From 18-year-olds to 88-year-olds, there aren't many groups where everyone that gets together has something in common (they like to talk about books and ideas). The network I have met through this club is incredible and everyone is seriously interesting. Also Pub.

What do you think a "Tough Guy" is?

I think a Tough Guy is resilient. He wants to be better than he was the day before. He is always thinking and open-minded. When he says he's going to do something, he does it. I think Wayne from Letterkenny is a great example of a Tough Guy- "When a friend asks for help, you help them."

What is your favourite library? 

Hamilton Library

What book have we not read that you'd like to do at TGBC?

Lonesome Dove - Larry McMurtry. A story about two of the toughest guys. Gus McRae and Woodrow Call. Retired Texas rangers, now cattle ranchers who decide to drove a mob of cattle from the Mexican border up to the promised land, Montana! My favourite book of all time and the book I gift the most. If you are reading this, go and get yourself a copy right now.

What is something people wouldn't know about you if they judged you by your cover?

People don't get to see my cover because I am always an open book.


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