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Goon Profile – "Clean" Pete Collings

"Clean" Pete Collings

Castlemaine East

Who are you:
An ordinary bloke with extraordinary dreams. I'm also a proud husband to an awesome woman and father to two awesome teenage girls.

How long have you been with TGBC:
My first meeting was in August 2017 (I hadn't read the book, I think it was The Old Man and the Sea). Haven't missed a gig since.

What’s your favourite TGBC book?
A Clockwork Orange mostly because of the [dark] humour and different approach to the struggle of good verses evil.

Why are you a member of TGBC:
I'm an avid reader and had no local friends. TGBC has been a great thing to be a part of.

What book have we not read yet that you’d like to do at TGBC:
I Am The Messenger by Markus Zusak

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