What Is Tough Guy Book Club - Dane, Portland Chapter

The Tough Guy Book Club is like a fight club for your mind. It is a modern meeting place for guys of all walks of life to get together and discuss not just the work of literary greats, but any and all of the issues that men tackle on a daily basis. It’s where guys can engage in bare knuckled conversation about the manly classics of contemporary literature.

Once a month we get together to sink a couple of brews and discuss the themes and topics that arise from the previous month’s reading . A great chance to share your thoughts, meet some excellent lads and foster a community of reading and good ol fashioned chat.

The camaraderie from monthly club meetups helps foster an environment where a wide range of topics can be discussed. Including the examination and appreciation of some of the best examples of the printed word. This is the pool hall at the end of the alley but with Hemingway.

The Club was started by a couple of guys just like you. Guys who wanted to read more and connect a bit more with their community. Guys with something to say and not always the place to say it. We have chapters all over Australia where we first started, and have begun our invasion of the USA with our first Chapter opening in Portland, OR. The next Chapter opens where ever you are, that’s how we do this, you just tell us where you are and we’ll come make it happen.

Tough Guy Book Club is a chance to talk about anything but your work – It’s a chance to be yourself instead of your job. To read choice books by great authors on a wide array of subjects. To read books you wouldn’t otherwise. To talk with your peers, and participate in lively discourse. To meet cool people, to get out of your comfort zone.

Here is that chance to read more.

Tough Guy book club, good for the soul of the warrior poet, the 9 to 5 warrior, and every kind of betting man in between!